Project ONOFF
ON OFF Space is where you leave behind a fast-paced, hyper-connected world and get back to basics. When you enter this space you willingly leave shoes, digital devices and other burdens to reconnect with your SELF. All these belongings are left in compartments inside a wall that separates the outer space from the interior, creating a physical and symbolic barrier that you have decided to trespass.

Granada Barrero+Marta JavaLoys+Pablo Maroñas+Elisa Molano+Carmen Pérez

Project mix(and)match
In a changing world where resources are finite we still live in an infinite consumption cycle that force us to discard fully functional objects.
All of those local micro-heroes concerned about sustainability and collaboration gather together in a community where objects, expertise and people mix to transform, adapt and repair objects so others can use them. Enabling objects to rebirth into a new life they build a great superhero thru micro-collaboration.
Carmen Bustos+MiguelJiménez+Francisco Parra+María Pascual.

Let´s be(super)hero
One+One can do a SuperHero job!! A simulation game where everyone can contribute both virtual and in the real world in order to achieve a goal out of reach of oneself.
Elena Enrique


Inflexion point has been created to break the barrier that hinders a person potential to become a Super Hero.
We want to provokate inflection points in conformist people’s live showing them that their limits go further than they think.

Project : Mr. Point
This service consists of an Academy of Super Powers. Our intention is to make
life easier for everyone and to show that apprentices can become heroes. Each
person is special and excels at something, it can be his superpower. Power is
related to an attitude.
Jessica Fernandez+Alvaro Martinez Flores+Miguel Angel Benjumea+Sara Cubells+Rozio Ruiz


Project Human Heroes
The project try to use the sinergy of people that use new tecnologies for help people by
creating a plataform based on a game.
The big and small companies invest a lot of millions on marketing. The idea consist on
convice these companies to invest the marketing money in the Human Heroes game. The
game is like a virtual society where users make a digital life. So there will be shops like in
the real life, the shops with the new products and services of the companies that
collaborate (they marketing is in the game! ).
Laia Lloret Devesa + Mikel del Rio Vera

WIKIHERO is an online service that allows people with special skills to share them, and help people in trouble to find solutions and became their own heroes.


Project Pocket Couch
So! What we do we have here? Introducing the new way to help things flow! Meet your POCKET COACH! A private guide that will lead you by the hand when things aren’t just fine. Fetch existing personal info already set in your Social Media networks and compile it into a new PocketCoach profile. JUST FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. No need to share or network your personal likes and issues! Fill your PocketCoach database whit additional info on your life, job, friends and even health data. As much info the PocketCoach has, the more accurate help it will return. Just like a human coach would do!
Ana Recio Hernández+Juan Ramón Giménez Palacios+Mariel S.+Simón Pérez Rodríguez

Project Trip n´ Feel
Trip n´ Feel is a global service to share feelings and emotions experimented in different places around the world.
We want to create a global emotional
Rafa Continente+Silvia Galán+Mamen Pradel

Project ARTHERO. Cooking ideas.
Each person’s art is their knowledge; this knowledge is what makes them powerful, transforming them into superheroes.
Then, why would we use these powers independently when they can be combined to create a great super power?
Arthero, is a place where ideas are generated; a place where different arts are combined to interact, continuously shaping multidisciplinary and sustainable projects.
Israel Donoso+Iguazel Elhombre+Ignacio Lalinde+Sandra Vicén

Project Hero for a day.
This service allows old peolple to tell their own stories about their life and important moments that want to share with others who might see theimselves in the same story that person is telling.
This makes them feel important and happy at the same time for a day in a short video that will be made for it.